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Keep customers connected & shopping with high-performance wireless connectivity

Retail businesses rely heavily on their wireless networks for successful store and location operations. A high-capacity wireless network can complete the customer journey by providing the ability to test devices, receive help desk services, browse menus, participate in activities, and browse online. Features include in-store maps that help customers find products, the ability to create and check off shopping list items, alerts about sale items, and other incentives. These days, customers are too dependent on non-stop connectivity, which means that Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury for retail locations.

Wireless technology plays a massive part in the modern retail store, and by catering your wireless network to your customers’ needs, you keep them in-store with their wallets hopefully open. Our extensive inventory of products for most significant radios/APs covers Wi-Fi, 5G, private LTE, DAS, LTE, SCADA, CBRS, and Two-Way networks, which provide retail operations the ability to power, protect, and connect any wireless network your operation needs.

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Industry-leading Solutions for Challenges


Building a high-performing wireless network that blends with Environmental Aesthetics

Wi-Fi has evolved. Providing coverage and capacity is no longer enough. Many deployments must deliver high-performance Wi-Fi that blends inconspicuously with the environment. When you want your wireless network equipment to be unseen and effective, you want Ventev.

Ventev offers a complete line of small form-factor and concealed antennas, enclosures, and mounts for aesthetically pleasing deployments in indoor and outdoor environments.

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Products & Solutions for Aesthetic Wi-Fi

Meet the challenge of high-performance aesthetically pleasing Wi-Fi with Ventev


Mitigating RF Unfriendly Environments

Retail operations often have large open areas with high ceilings and lots of metal racks. This creates a nightmare scenario for deploying a wireless network. Large spaces with high ceilings mean using traditional mounting locations; it can be tough getting wireless to the ground where it is needed. And the RF-blocking metal racking inhibits wireless coverage, often resulting in poor connectivity.

Rely on Ventev’s innovative mounting ecosystem and antenna solutions to mitigate RF unfriendly environments.

2.4/5GHz 13dBi Wi-Fi Directional (H:115/V:11) Warehouse Antenna with 4 N-Style Female Connectors

Ventev’s 2.4/5GHz 13dBi Wi-Fi Directional Antenna can connect to any manufacturer's 802.11ac Wave I, II or Wi-Fi 6 access points (APs) with four (4) ports.

Wi-Fi Co-Locating Mount with Two 10" Strong Arm Mounts for Cisco 3802e APs

Ventev's Co-Locating Mount with Two 10" Strong Arm Mounts Kit for Cisco 3802e offers unprecedented flexibility to install an access point and two antennas together, and then position them optimally for high-performance Wi-Fi.

2.4/5GHz 6/7dBi Wi-Fi Omni Magnetic Mount Antenna with 2 RPSMA Connectors

The 2.4-2.5 GHz / 4.9-5.9 GHz 6/7 Dual Band Wi-Fi Magnetic Mount Antenna mounts on fork lifts and jockey units in industrial warehouse environments to enable high-performance Wi-Fi.

698-2700/3300-3800MHz 7/9dBi CBRS/LTE Directional Antenna with 2 N-Style Jack Connectors

Ventev's 698-2700/3300-3800 MHz 7/9dBi Directional LTE/CBRS Antenna with 2x N-Style Jack Connectors is designed to be operated with outdoor wireless networks operating in the LTE, GSM, CDMA, PCS, 3G and 4G frequency ranges.

2.4/5GHz 6dBi Wi-Fi Penta Patch (H:80°/45°, V:80°/45°) Antenna with 5 RPTNC Connectors

Ventev’s 2.4/5 GHz 6 dBi directional antenna features five dual-band antennas in a single unit. Each antenna pigtail is dual-band with RPTNC Plugs.

I-Beam Low Profile Mount

Ventev’s Low Profile I-Beam Mount is designed to mount an AP or AP and bubble enclosure to an ibeam.

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Mounts & Brackets

Challenge: Provide reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi to every seat in the stadium

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Building a high-performing wireless network in outdoor environments

Extending wireless communication networks outdoors in common areas, parking lots, and across large buildings can be complicated, expensive, and time-consuming.

Ventev's comprehensive portfolio of cost-effective, durable, weatherproof products ensures high-performing wireless connectivity in any outdoor environment. So when you need to power, protect, and connect your wireless network, you need Ventev solutions.

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Join Ventev for a 30-minute webinar to learn how Ventev power systems enable outdoor wireless networks for hospitals, schools, parks, and industrial yards.

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