Integrated Power and Connectivity

Deploy Wireless Networks anywhere with Ventev Power Solutions.

Ventev’s integrated power and connectivity solutions ensure reliable power for network access points and radios in any location regardless of the availability of mains power.

Ventev power solutions support outdoor wireless deployments by deploying networking equipment in NEMA-rated enclosures that provide primary and/or backup power.

Radio agnostic designs mean Ventev power solutions can support Wi-Fi, DAS, LTE, SCADA, IoT, CBRS, and Two-Way technologies.

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Industry-leading Solutions for Challenges


Remote monitoring of backup batteries

Critical networks for organizations such as public utilities must have multiple failovers to ensure network and business continuity.

Relying on only AC power is not an option, and back up batteries are a standard. Ensuring the health of battery backups at remote sites traditionally involves sending out an engineer to test and replace batteries as needed.

Ventev has developed a unique battery testing solution, the BTRM-400, to remotely monitor and test the health of batteries and send a report when a battery is at risk of failing.

BTRM 400 Battery Test Remote Monitor

Are your remote-site UPS batteries healthy? Many remote sites that have wired or wireless equipment for relaying critical data are designed with battery backup systems.

KM3-ES 2450 Harsh Environment Enclosure, AC Powered

The Ventev KM3-ES is a NEMA 4X/IP66 version of the Rajant BreadCrumb® KM3. It offers the same features as the stand-alone Rajant BreadCrumb® KM3 but is designed to protect the radio from harsh environments and tampering in outdoor deployments.

case study

Ventev Develops Innovative System for Leading U.S. Energy Company

LEarn how Ventev provided a SCADA radio enclosure that remotely monitors the health of backup batteries.


Deploying in intermittent power environments

In areas such as parking lots or rural environments with a lack of 24-hour power, deploying a wireless network is challenging. Without a consistent power supply, wireless service is not reliable and cannot be counted on to support critical networks.

Ventev’s Power Extender solution provides up to 18 hours of power to network equipment during times when there is no AC power, and when the power returns, it is fully charged in just six hours.

Power Extender with Multi-Port PoE+ for Light Poles with Intermittent Power 277/480VAC

Ventev’s Power Extender enables continuous operation of access points, wireless surveillance cameras and other PoE devices installed on light poles with intermittent AC power supply.

Power Extender with Single PoE+ for Light Poles with Intermittent Power 120/240 VAC

Ventev’s Power Extender enables continuous operation of Wi-Fi access points and cameras that are installed on light poles with intermittent AC power supply.

case study


Learn how Ventev's network engineer found a state-of-the art solution for deploying cameras on existing, intermittently powered light poles.

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Deploying a network in environments with no power

In remote locations such as large construction projects, oil fields, or national parks, there is a need for wireless connectivity for monitoring assets or improving safety. The challenge is that these environments do not always have AC power, and trenching for power can be cost-prohibitive.

Ventev’s remote power solution is a solar-powered system that provides up to five days of autonomy and protects the wireless equipment against harsh weather conditions with its NEMA 4X rated enclosure.

Micro Solar System for IoT Applications

Ventev’s Micro Solar System kit is a complete, fully-integrated enclosure system that is pre-wired and pre-assembled for on-site installation of outdoor access points requiring PoE/PoE+ power.

N-Style Jack to N-Style Bulkhead Jack 0-6 GHz Lightning Arrestor

Ventev's lightning arrestor is a bi-directional gas discharge tube suppressor that features wide-band operation up to 6 GHz.

698-2170MHz 2/4dBi 3G/4G LTE Mobile Outdoor Omni Antenna with 1 N-Style Connector

Ventev's 3G/4G Outdoor Omni Antenna is designed to operate with any manufacturer's 3G or 4G cellular model utilizing N-Style Plug connectors.

case study

California Vineyard Pilots Game-Changing Agricultural Technology with Ventev Solar Power Systems

Ventev’s Solar Power System provides continuous primary power to the IoT gateways in outdoor sites with no AC power.

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Protect and Connect Sensitive Equipment from Harsh Environments.



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