DAS Challenge and Ventev Solutions: DAS Antennas and Accessories

DAS Challenge and Ventev Solutions: DAS Antennas and Accessories

When building a network, an engineer not only needs to understand how technology works, but they must also understand the use cases and applications, user profiles, topology, interference and attenuation obstacles, an assortment of other considerations, and any challenges unique to the location. Once all these understandings are translated into a vision for a functional, robust, and reliable network that provides the highest customer satisfaction, then the correct tools and equipment are required to execute the vision within the allocated budget. Ventev understands these challenges and designs products that keep customer satisfaction at the forefront. This week the DAS network challenges are explored alongside the Ventev DAS antennas and Accessories that are designed to counter and solve those challenges.



Most facilities have more than one communications capability resulting in multiple “multi’s.” Whether a major red, blue, or magenta carrier or a local service provider, multi-operators are popular and, in many cases, essential to the network’s purpose. In addition to the operators, the available technology crosses multiple possibilities in network and device availability. Some combination of LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi, and so on are expected to be available for fixed and mobile devices across an array of use cases. To round out the “multiple” options are the many frequencies available by operators and technology. Regardless if it’s an operator-licensed low band or unlicensed Wi-Fi, an antenna’s specifications are critical in determining how well the signal is sent and received. Antennas for each variation of operator, frequency, and technology can become overwhelming.

Understanding the definition of terms explains how the types of DAS are named. Passive equipment does not control the flow of electrons passing through them. Antennas, jumpers, splitters, and other passive devices simply allow electrons to flow through the path of least resistance. Active equipment controls electrons. Amplifiers, routers, fiber optics, and other active devices, in some way, change or control what an electron does to modify the signal passing through them.



Ventev Wideband antennas support multiple frequencies from multiple operators across multiple technologies in high-quality and performance antennas with rigorous specifications for high efficiency to expand coverage and capacity. The DAS antennas are designed to avoid or minimize intermodulation issues.



DAS networks are customized for commercial, residential, enterprise, university, hospitality, transportation hubs, large public venues, and many other locations. Each location differs in square footage, user profiles and use cases, construction materials (e.g., concrete, drywall, and so on), mobility needs, user density, and priority, to name a few considerations. Concentrating signal where it is needed most and deploying the antennas in preferred locations requires options that can accommodate the many time-limited deployment options.



Ventev’s antenna solutions provide network designs the flexibility to focus coverage where it is needed with an easy install form factor and optional mounting accessories that can simplify deployment time and cost. Incorporating the multi-band and technology features: these high-quality and performance antennas are cost-effective. They can support multiple bands and technology that can reduce the number of antennas required.



Networks are built for a maximum amount of throughput for certain coverage areas, so when unexpected usage steadily increases faster than expected, capacity concerns increase. Coupled with expanding coverage demands that may exceed the initial build, the challenges start to compound. Customer satisfaction requires rapid responses to growing demand, and in the case of public safety, meeting these challenges is critical.



Ventev understands the challenges networks face in keeping up with growing demand and extending coverage in a timely manner. The selection of cost-effective, durable, high quality and performance antennas and accessories are designed to meet these needs in public safety and cellular networks as a one-stop-shop for antennas, jumpers, splitters, and other passive devices required to keep customer satisfaction high and to support mission-critical use cases and applications.

Ventev’s DAS antennas and accessories are designed with network challenges in mind. Whether a new build, expanding an existing network, or finally upgrading, Ventev has the products and knowledge needed. Find out more about Ventev solutions to your network challenges.