Ventev Infrastructure provides an ecosystem of products designed to power, protect, and connect wireless networks.

Ventev supplies high-quality, market-leading, radio-agnostic infrastructure products supporting most industry verticals. Ventev solutions support most major access points and radios across Wi-Fi, DAS, CBRS, LTE, SCADA, IoT, and Two-Way deployments. The engineering-led solutions simplify and improve the deployment of wireless networks in all types of environments.
Ventev partners with OEMs, end-users, and the channel to understand the networking complexities and deployment challenges to offer solutions that improve coverage and capacity, ease installation, and help networks blend into any indoor or outdoor network.

Large Public Venues

Improve fan/guest experience, security, and safety with ready-to-deploy innovative products designed by wireless industry experts.

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Warehouse / Manufacturing

Ventev's easy-to-install, industry-leading product lines provide a comprehensive ecosystem of wireless products to support asset management, inventory analysis, and robotics in warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

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K - 12

Ventev's aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective solutions ensure fast, robust wireless network connectivity throughout K-12 schools and libraries.

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Higher Education

Ventev's diverse ecosystem of products can support high-density deployments such as lecture halls and college stadiums, as well as ensuring dormitories and staff lounges are connected.

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Ventev's solutions help utilities deploy high-performance, reliable wireless networks that enable Wi-Fi, LTE, SCADA, AMI, Smart Grid, wireless backhaul, and broadband communications.

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Federal, State & Local Government

From community Wi-Fi projects to federal and state government buildings, Ventev's GSA solutions meet the challenges of constructing complex communication networks.

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Ventev's industry-leading wireless infrastructure products for healthcare provide a comprehensive ecosystem of solutions to power, protect, and connect the wireless networks that keep patients safe and staff informed.

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Enterprise Solutions

Ensure your enterprise environment is high-performance and secure with Ventev solutions that power, protect, and connect your network.

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Wireless technology plays a massive part in the modern retail store, and by catering your wireless network to your customers’ needs, you keep them in-store with their wallets hopefully open.

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Connectivity is increasingly essential in a world with so many Wi-Fi-enabled devices. From virtual assistants to Wi-Fi-connected TVs, if your establishment offers a multitude of devices with connectivity needs, Wi-Fi is essential. Our wireless network connectivity solutions ensure a reliable and fast network for all your staff and guests.

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Internet Service Provider

. Ventev offers industry-leading solutions to power, protect, and connect wireless networks in outdoor environments, whether it’s power and connectivity or aesthetics and security.

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