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Rugged and Reliable Remote Network Deployments

From power lines and pumping stations to trucks and site security, energy, waste, and water utilities must monitor thousands of assets daily. Add in the fact that millions of Americans rely on the success of these operations means that utilities are focused on ensuring their critical networks are reliable and secure.

Ventev’s product solutions help utilities across the country deploy high-performance, reliable wireless networks that enable Wi-Fi, LTE, SCADA, AMI, Smart Grid, and broadband communications. In addition, Ventev’s ready-to-ship or custom-engineered options make it easier and more cost-effective to deploy and upgrade connectivity throughout any territory.

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Industry-leading Solutions for Challenges


Remote locations with no or limited access to power

Utilities rely on outdoor networks to ensure the reliability and efficiency of the power grid or water infrastructure. However, deploying a network can be very challenging if power is intermittent or not accessible. This is especially the case in rural environments, areas where power is intermittent, or areas susceptible to natural disasters such as hurricanes and wildfires. Outdoor network continuity requires a solid power infrastructure to be successful.

Ventev's power solutions can provide mains and backup power in any environment. The turnkey, radio/switch agnostic solutions make extending the network outside in almost any environment easy.

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Ventev Custom-Engineers an Enclosure System for Utilities Gas Exploration Project

When a large Midwestern Utility was searching for an enclosure to protect radios they were using for data communications during a major natural gas exploration project, they contacted Ventev. The enclosure needed to provide rugg

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Remote monitoring of critical systems

Utilities cannot rely on just mains power to drive the efficacy of their networks. Critical utility communications networks backup systems must be ready if commercial power fails. Entire systems can fail if inexpensive components are not monitored or regularly checked. Ventev utility solutions Provide the ability to monitor backup batteries remotely and send reports back to headquarters. Our pre-engineered, turnkey solutions offer faster, less expensive deployments.

case study

Ventev Develops Innovative Enclosure System for Leading U.S. Energy Company

Challenge: Provide a SCADA radio enclosure that remotely monitors the health of backup batteries

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