Ventev engineers and manufactures high-quality, market-leading, radio-agnostic infrastructure products designed to power, protect, and connect a wireless network. Ventev's solutions support most major access points and radios across Wi-Fi, DAS, CBRS, LTE, SCADA, IoT, and Two-Way deployments.
Ventev partners with OEMs, end-users, and the channel to understand the networking complexities and deployment challenges. Ventev then provides an engineering-led solution to simplify and improve the deployment.
Ventev solutions improve coverage and capacity, ease installation, and help networks blend into any indoor or outdoor network.

Aesthetic Wireless Connectivity

Ventev offers concealed, camouflaged, and small form factor products. These products help to keep wireless equipment protected, out of the way, and/or on theme while also improving wireless performance.

Aesthetic wireless solutions are driven by the need for improved fan/guest experience, security, safety, and space constraints. Ventev works with schools, stadiums, museums, hospitals, and hotels to help meet these needs.

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Wi-Fi Infrastructure Solutions

From the industry's most extensive portfolio of third-party antennas to innovative mounting solutions, Ventev offers an ecosystem of products that power, protect, and connect a Wi-Fi network.

Ventev's Wi-Fi offer is radio agnostic supporting most major 802.11ac and 802.11ax access points from Cisco, Aruba, and Meraki to Extreme, Fortinet, and others.

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CBRS Solutions

Ventev's Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) offer allows customers to build out a network taking advantage of the 3.5 GHz spectrum band.

Whether it's new construction or enhancing an existing network, Ventev's antennas, enclosures, and cabling solutions provide an ecosystem of products to support CBRS deployments indoors and outdoors.

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Integrated Power and Connectivity

Ventev power solutions ship fully integrated with radio and switching infrastructure, eliminating field integration while reducing the time and effort of deploying remote power.

The turnkey, radio/switch agnostic solutions make it easy to extend the network outside and ensure safe, reliable, and affordable power for cellular, CBRS, SCADA, Wi-Fi, and LPWAN deployments.

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Outdoor Connectivity

Deploying a network outdoors creates several challenges. The terrain, weather, crime, and local regulations all make it challenging to deploy an effective wireless network.

Ventev's comprehensive portfolio of durable, weatherproof products ensures high-performing wireless connectivity in any outdoor environment, from oil fields to parking lots and campuses.

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Remote Monitoring & Mobility

Ventev’s product solutions help cities, utilities, factories and farmers across the country deploy high performance, reliable wireless networks to enable Wi-Fi, LTE, SCADA, AMI, Smart Grid, wireless backhaul and broadband communications.

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DAS Solutions

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) offer a technology agnostic solution for operators across a variety of applications. DAS networks are ideal for providing a higher quality of experience indoors or outdoors, where aesthetics matter, and in locations where coverage is difficult.

Ventev has a complete ecosystem of solutions for DAS systems that are compatible with most major access points (APs) and radios and support everything from enterprise and public safety to warehouse connectivity.

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Value Add Services

No one deployment is the same. Ventev's team of engineers, integration professionals, and product managers stand ready to help solve customer problems.

Ventev offers a host of value add solutions such as quick-turn cable, custom labeling, product design, product customization, wrapping, and etching to solve the most difficult wireless challenge.

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